Founded in 1994, Barlow Partners, Inc. ("Barlow Partners") was one of the first firms to focus on the advantages of investing in a dedicated portfolio of long/short equity hedge funds.

Our investment objectives remain unchanged since the inception of the firm in 1994. We seek to:

  • Protect against losses in falling equity markets;
  • Reduce the inherent volatility of equity investing;
  • Achieve a distinctive pattern of returns relative to the US equity market; and
  • Outperform the U.S. equity market over the long term.

Investment Philosophy

The firm's investment philosophy is based on the belief that capital protection is the cornerstone of successful equity investing. We believe that investing in long/short equity hedge funds creates an opportunity to achieve returns over time equivalent to or better than the S&P 500 but with less volatility. Lower volatility creates an opportunity to maintain equity commitments during falling markets and is an important component of compounding wealth.

We seek to implement this philosophy through a diversified portfolio of long/short equity hedge funds and managed advisory accounts whose managers have significant experience protecting capital in falling markets and achieving the pattern of performance that is characteristic of hedged equity investing.